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USA: Carlos' Story

Tipping Point Community is an organization that helps combat poverty in the bay area. This video, commissioned for their 2014 benefit, follows Carlos' journey with the organization. Thanks to Tipping Point Community, he is now attending UC Davis and majoring in economics and statistics.


USA: Road Trip

A vivid exploration of American culture, this video shows different parts of the country from the perspective of a road trip. While it starts in New York City, it is hardly limited to urban environments and looks at many different parts of the country.


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OREGON: This Place

A group of people explores the Oregon coast to explore the question: "What makes Oregon unique?" The video tries to demonstrate that from its local inhabitants to its visitors, the Oregon coast means different things to different people.

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MILLENNIAL TRAINS PROJECT: Exploring America's Newest Frontiers

All aboard the Millennial Train! This 10-day 7-city train journey is set to embark on its second voyage August 7-17, from Portland to New York City. As an annual journey, the Millennial Train Project hosts a group of bright young minds who have crowd-funded their way onto the train as they aim to tackle America's newest frontiers and challenges. It's an ever-moving incubator, riding full speed ahead toward a brighter tomorrow.


USA: Ride for Water

Water is life's most crucial resource, but 800 million people in the world live without access to clean water. RIDE FOR WATER is a movement of cyclists who bike from Seattle to NYC every summer to raise funds toward fighting the global water crisis. This is year two.

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