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PHILIPPINES: Project Leyte


In November 2013, one of the most dangerous typhoons on record hit the island of Leyte in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The supertyphoon was responsible for thousands of deaths and missing persons. Project Leyte, part of All Hands Volunteers, focuses on helping residents clear debris and salvage any materials that can be re-used, creating safe, dignified living spaces for those affected by the disaster.

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THE PHILIPPINES: Disaster Relief Volunteers at Cagayan de Oro

On December 16, 2011 the island of Mindanao in the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Washi. Heavy rains and flash flooding killed more than 1,200 people and left hundreds missing. Nearly 50,000 homes were destroyed. One month later All Hands Volunteers got to work and since they have sent more than 200 volunteers in 26 countries. They are still seeking volunteer to join the effort! Read more about disaster relief volunteering at Cagayan de Oro here

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PHILIPPINES: Project Cagayan de Oro

On December 16, 2011, the island of Mindanao in the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Washi. More than 1,200 people died in the flash floods, and 50,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Project Cagayan de Oro, organized by the nonprofit All Hands Volunteers, was founded to help rebuild the devestated communities on the island. The project has enabled international volunteers to contribute more than 9,810 hours to rebuilding communities in Cagayan de Oro, a city in northern Mindanao. Watch as 102 volunteers get their hand dirty building homes to serve more than 600 families.

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SOUTHEAST ASIA: Half a World Away

In 2011 Matt Ferrington pushed himself out of his comfort zone and spent 6 months backpacking through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia with a couple of friends. In his visually stunning video "Half a World Away" Matt takes us on an adventure through the streets, clouds, beaches, and beautiful landscapes of Southeast Asia.