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THAILAND: Our Daughters For Sale

High in the hills of Thailand are villages where selling children for profit—not for survival—is commonplace. While the government would prefer to say that no such problem exists—one organization stands in their way. The Children's Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA) is working on a new method to stem the tide of child sex trafficking in northern Thailand. While most other organizations 'rescue' children who have already been sold and been victimized. In villages where satellite dishes and other amenities have taken the place of sold children, COSA is working to educate villagers on the benefits of not selling children—they are working on an individual basis to solve the problem for each child before it happens.

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Filmmaker Vincent Urban and two friends traveled through Southeast Asia for two months. They shipped a Land Rover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then drove up through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And captured every great moment of their journey with little DSLRs. These are highlights.


THAILAND: Bringing Sustainable Energy to Burmese Refugees

Visit the Tha Song Yang district in rural Thailand on the border of Burma, home to 43,000 Burmese refugees. SunSawang, a Thai-based social enterprise, is bringing sustainable solar energy to these off-the-grid areas, who rely on this for income, education and health. Brought to us by the filmmakers at My Story, Our World Productions.

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THAILAND: Take Action with Sevenly to stop Sex Trafficking

Every year 1.2 million new children are initiated into sex trafficking. Thailand is a huge hub for this. Sevenly chose to partner with Destiny Rescue for their campaign this week. For every purchase of Sevenly t-shirts and apparel this week, a portion goes to fund undercover brothel rescues in Thailand. As of Friday, Oct 26, 12 brothel rescues have been funded. There is one day left to this campaign.

Find out more at Sevenly

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Half a World Away

In 2011 Matt Ferrington pushed himself out of his comfort zone and spent 6 months backpacking through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia with a couple of friends. In his visually stunning video "Half a World Away" Matt takes us on an adventure through the streets, clouds, beaches, and beautiful landscapes of Southeast Asia.