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SRI LANKA: Life of a Coconut

“Coconut: Nose To Tail,” Perennial Plate, in partnership with Intrepid Travel: In Sri Lanka, coconut is an essential component not only of the plate, but of every day life. Here, Perennial Plate documents alternative uses of the fruit (like thatched roofs and rope) that show, in the words of one local, “from the root to the top … nothing is left behind.”


SRI LANKA: Declination

Go on a surf trip to Sri Lanka with Slovenian Andro Kajzer. In addition to the waves, you will find wandering cattle, wild monkeys, tea farmers, and local people fascinating and inviting.


SRI LANKA: Colors of a Country

Take a three-week (4 minute!) tour through the mountains, historic sites, cities, and beaches of Sri Lanka—a beautiful island nation off the southern coast of India. The predominantly Buddhist country is home to over 20,000 Sri Lankans--a diverse population including Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Burghers, and aboriginal Vedda people.