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SOUTH AFRICA: A Humanitarian Trip

While in Cape Town in March 2013 with Y Generation Against Poverty (YGAP), Clément Lefer caught footage from missions in Cape Town townships, Sunrise Education Centre, a safari and various places in this great country of South Africa.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Zuzuland Wildlife Conservation

Volunteers reflect on their experiences volunteering at a South African wildlife conservation park. They discuss how the trip surprised them, such as how much easier it was to get to Africa than they expected and the knowledge of their guides.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Y Generation Against Poverty

Clement Lefer documents his humanitarian trip to Cape Town, showcasing the joys and fears, as well as the beauty and destitution, of South Africa.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Dear Mandela

It has been close to 20 years since South Africa abolished its oppressive regime of apartheid. With this came a new constitution and a promise to provide all citizens living in squatter towns, and townships with adequate housing and equal rights. Unfortunately, in the eyes of many South Africans, this promise has not yet been fulfilled. This award-winnng documentary depicts the story of the first post-apartheid generation and their struggle towards attaining what they were promised two decades ago.

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Hoops 4 Hope has provided more than 10,000 school-age boys and girls in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa with high quality basketball and soccer programs for free, keeping them off the streets and providing tools to challenge HIV, gender equality, drugs and poverty. Why sports? Access to the enjoyment, self-esteem and other benefits of sports, should not be a dream or privilege. "Hoops 4 Hope has never been about creating great basketball players," explains Mark Crandall, one of the founders of H4H. "Although we are seeing clear results on that side of things, the program has always been about changing people's lives."

Find out more, donate, or start a fundraiser or used sneaker drive at Hoops 4 Hope