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RWANDA: Kula Project

The majority of farmers in developing nations like Rwanda are unable to generate enough income to feed and sustain their families. This is due to the lack of basic needs for success. The Kula Project invests in small-scale farmers in Rwanda to create sustainable communities.

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RWANDA: Sweet Dreams


How does a country distance itself up from the horrors of the past? In post-genocide Rwanda, this has proven to be a tall task. Yet, great strides have been made in the country's economic recovery since the '94 genocide. Pioneering Rwandan theater director Kiki Katese believes though that, "people are not like roads and buildings." 'Sweet Dreams' shows us the truth in her sentiment by following the story of Rwanda's first women-only drumming troupe as they empowerer themselves through a new and foreign venture - the creation of the country's first ever Ice Cream shop.

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RWANDA: New Documentary "Finding Hillywood"

Rwanda may conjure up many images in your mind, but likely few about a film fesitval that has been taking place there for the past five years. Yes, Film Festival Rwanda in a nation with no official film schools and where less than 1% of the population has a TV. This documentary captures the magic of this annual event, where the filming of local Rwandan films often takes place in remote areas of the country, in stadiums where thousands were killed in the genocide. This is the new Rwanda. "Finding Hillywood" is in post-production and film to be released in 2013.

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RWANDA: Clean Water for Everyone Forever

18 years ago, Rwanda was burning. It burned on the news, and burned into the history books the genocide of more than 800,000 people mass murdered. This video tells the story of the healing beyond the aftermath, and ultimately charity:water's program to raise $1.7 million for clean water in connection local Rwandan partner Water for the People's goal: Clean water for all Rwandans forever. Watch.

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