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PERU: The GoPro Perspective

A WAVES for Development volunteer shares the GoPro view on his surf volunteer experience. Waves for Development creates life enriching experiences in coastal communities through educational surf programs. Check out their volunteer opportunities in Lobitos, Peru.



Imagine blitzing across the Peruvian Andes, hustling through Ecuadorian deserts and Colombian plains, cruising through Venezuela’s Caribbean coastline and plunging into the depths of the Guyanese Amazonian jungle in just under 3 weeks, and 8,000 km. That’s The Inca Rally. Combine this with the fundraising inherent in the participation fee, for nonprofits such as EveryChild, Incawasi and Survival, and optional volunteer service projects along the way... that's adventure with a purpose.

Get more info at The Inca Rally

Travel2Change Winner: H.O.P.E. Was Here

H.O.P.E. Was Here—the winner of the 2012 Travel2Change "Travel for Good" competition—tells the story of a Stonehill College alternative spring break trip to the slums of Lima, Peru. Over the course of a week, the Stonehill students volunteer at a local grade school and rehab center for the mentally and physically challenged. Filmmaker Mark Denega juxtaposes the point of view of the American volunteers with the perspective of the Peruvian locals and raises serious questions about the role of volunteers. Is this the best way to engage international development? Is this what community partners want? How do the locals view the visitors? 


PERU: Go to Surf, Stay to Serve

Waves for Development is a nonprofit focused on brining volunteers, training and education to the people of Lobitos, Peru, through surfing, Their motto, "Go to Surf, Stay to Serve, benefit people and communities with surf travel. 


PERU: More of a Hell Than a Place to Call Home

Meet Cena, a 15 year old poet who lives in La Rinconada, a harsh, lawless, and desolate town at the base of a 15,000 foot peak in the Peruvian Andes. "It's more of a hell than a place to call home," says Martha Adam's, the director of the 10 x 10, a film documentary project dedicated to educating girls to change the world.

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