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"We started a journey to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil in our old and rusty Landrover. We brought our DSLR cameras and some gear to capture every great moment of this trip. Lots of winds, emptiness, pampas, bustling cities, animals, deserts and waterfalls — all wrapped up in just under 6 min. Enjoy the ride! — Vincent Urban, Filmmaker

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PARAGUAY: Landfill Harmonic

Landfill Harmonic is a documentary about a musical orchestra in the slums of Caterua, Paraguay, that gives a whole new meaning to the word "recycling." In this orchestra, the young musicians play instruments made from trash. Violins, cellos, and wind instruments are crafted from scrap wood, oil drums, and discarded tools found at the Caterua landfill. Watch these muscians turn garbage into music.