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MILLENNIAL TRAINS PROJECT: The Uncharted Territories

This past summer, The Millennial Trains Project (MTP) embarked on its inaugural cross-country journey - visiting six cities in ten days; traveling by train the entire way. With a mission to awaken the entrepreneurial amongst a group of 25 crowdfunded Millennials, the trip exposed them to the uncharted territories of America; showing the promise, and room for growth the country has. This video - narrated by Keith Bellows, Editor-in-Chief of National Geograhpic Traveler and MTP on-train mentor shares his insights on the Millennial Generation, travel, and the need for all of us to fight complacency in order to break the status-quo.


ARCTIC: Chasing Ice

Watch the largest glacier calving ever filmed, in the trailer for the new documentary Chasing Ice. Here learn about the work of the Extreme Ice Survey, and their efforts to publicize the effects of climate change. "The only way to put it into scale of human reference is if you imagine Manhattan... breaking apart before your very eyes."

Learn more at Chasing Ice

MISSION — See the Planet, Change the World

What is your MISSION? Watch. MISSION. See the Planet, Change the World.


USA: The House I Live In

The US has spent more than $1 trillion on drug arrests in the past 40 years, and yet drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever before. This film, winner Grand Jury Prize Documentary, Sundance 2012, explores the price US society pays for arresting 2.3 million people at any one time (743 per 100,000) and supports the theory that drug use should be treated as a public health issue, not a criminal offense.

Learn more at The House I Live In

Nothing is Impossible

Challenge your concept of impossible. Meet Joel Runyon, he did. Laid off from his part-time UPS job and fed up with living in his parents basement, Joel decided to "start living a life worth writing about." Last summer, Joel joined Pencils of Promise's program The Impossible Ones. He took on a challenge that previously seemed impossible, to run an Ultra Marathon, 50k in one day, and raise $25,000 to build a Pencils for Promise school. Joel will run this weekend in Chicago.

You can join The Impossible Ones too, through October 31, 2012, take on something that seems impossible to you, and you could win up to $28,000 in scholarships.