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On the Road with Mongol Rally 2013

Fording rivers, riding donkeys, a precarious bridge crossing, and an activity we'll call "sand skiing" — yup, it's more from our Mongol Rally Adixxion teams.10,000 miles of route-less mayhem from London to Ulaanbaatar, all the while saving the rainforest with Cool Earth.

Follow team updates on the live map here

GLOBAL: The Mongol Rally

Looking for a new years resolution? How about drive 10,000 miles to Mongolia while you raise money to save the rainforests? Sound good? Well, look no further. It's just about the right time to sign up for the Adventurists Mongol Rally in July 2013. For maximum adventure, this race from the UK to Ulaanbaatur offers you the chance to take absolutely any route you want, the only restriction being you take a vehicle with an engine size of under one litre. This is called the "Unroute" and some teams choose to go south through Iraq or Afghanistan, and other go south through the Arctic Circle. The race usually takes 3-5 weeks to complete, the start date is July 13, 2013... and you can sign up here.

Find out more at MONGOL RALLY

MONGOLIA: No Engines

Three cousins embark on an amazing 1,000 km journey across the remote regions of Mongolia with five horses and three camels in bone-chilling winter weather. This beautiful video follows their perilous adventure through Central Asia.