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Filmmaker Vincent Urban and two friends traveled through Southeast Asia for two months. They shipped a Land Rover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then drove up through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And captured every great moment of their journey with little DSLRs. These are highlights.


SOUTHEAST ASIA: Half a World Away

In 2011 Matt Ferrington pushed himself out of his comfort zone and spent 6 months backpacking through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia with a couple of friends. In his visually stunning video "Half a World Away" Matt takes us on an adventure through the streets, clouds, beaches, and beautiful landscapes of Southeast Asia.


LAOS: Project Open Hearts

Join the volunteers of Project Open Heart—a community service program that encourages young people to participate in service learning—as they travel through the mountains of Luang Prabang, Laos, to the rural mountain village of Hadpang to build a school and teach children English and crafts. 19 volunteers, 17 days, 1850 miles.


During the Vietnam War, bombs showered on the country of Laos all day, everyday, for nine years. Now peaceBOMB, a local artisan initiative supported by Article 22 and the RISE Project, is turning the fragments of those bombs into bracelets to promote peace. The proceeds from each bracelet go toward supporting artisan families, the community development fund, and clearance of unexploded ordnance from Lao land.

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LAOS: Meet Nuth

By Pencils of Promise

There are more than 75 million children in the world without access to education. Pencils of Promise started when founder Adam Braun began handing out school supplies to children in more than 50 countries. Today, they have built more than 50 schools and are educating young leaders in Laos, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Meet one of their favorite students…

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