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CHANGE HEROES: The trip that changed the way to give

Back in 2009, Taylor Conroy took a trip to Kenya and Uganda in pursuit of a vacation and means of getting himself involved. Little did he know that this decision would cause for him to start a movement; Change Heroes -a friend-funding platform which gives anyone the tools they need to raise $10,000 and build a school, library, or water well anywhere in the developing world. In this video, Taylor talks about that initial, innocent trip, which caused his life, and the lives of thousands of others, to change for the better, forever.

For more on Change Heroes, read our interview with Taylor Conroy.

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Africa Yoga Project

The Africa Yoga Project began in 2007 with three questions: 1) Could yoga positively transform lives across race, nationality, age, gender and economic status? 2) Would yoga be valued when offered at no cost, and 3) Can people who are struggling to survive, who live in an unstable environment, and who have little food to eat, utilize yoga to transform their perception of their lives and their sense of future possibilities? This experiment began in the poorest areas of Kenya, and currently 5,000 people participate in more than 250 weekly classes. Africa Yoga Project welcomes travelers to join in service projects. 

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KENYA: Nairo[be] Smart - The Livelyhoods Impact

Livelyhoods is a social startup in Kenya that wants to see an end to Band-Aid solutions in Africa. Instead they focus on introduce sales and entrepreneurship jobs to street youth in Kenyan slums. All the while introducingsocially beneficial goods (think clean burning stoves, solar lamps, and feminine hygiene products) to people in the surrounding area. 

Read more about Livelyhoods here

KENYA: How to Ride a Matatu

Mike and Anne Howard did something we think is pretty cool. Newlyweds, they set out on the ultimate of all honeymoons, traveling to 25 countries for over 500 days... documenting it all on their website Here are their insights into traveling by minibus (Matatu) in Africa, where they traveled overland for 100 days, through South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya, and they "didn't feel unsafe once." Nice!

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Changing the World in 3 Hours

Watch what 22 year old Evan Mula, from Boston, did with just a bit of time. He and 32 of his friends raised $10,000 in 3 hours to build a school in Kenya through Change Heroes and Free The Children. This is his trip to see that vision emerge in reality.

Learn more at Change Heroes