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Guy Eats 10 Sticks of Butter for Charity

Last week Poverty Solutions presented a challenge that for every $25 in monthly donors we received Andrew would eat a stick of butter—up to 10 sticks. Thanks to a few generous donors, we met our challenge. Thank you for helping support our projects in Haiti. For our new challenge this week, we will do a belly flop for every $5 in monthly donors we receive. Consider becoming a monthly donor and check back next week.

Learn about Poverty Resolutions programs in Haiti here

HAITI: Hip Hop and Le Futur d'Ayiti

Just 10 months after the devastating earthquake shook the island country of Haiti to its core, Montreal-based hip-hop super group Nomadic Massive was invited to Port Au Prince to conduct workshops with aspiring young artists by Haitian NGO APROFISA. The workshops were an exercise of both empowerment and healing, leaving a profound impact on the entire Nomadic Massive crew and the youth participants. Nomadic Wax, a Brooklyn-based international music, film, and events production company was there to film the events that transpired.

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GLOBAL: Mission Possible

“In every crisis lives a seed of beauty and the possibility for something better,” say the founders of The Conscious Action Network (CAN). Join social justice activist Michael Kastenbaum as he travels with CAN from Zimbabwe, to Israel, to India, to Haiti exploring projects creating change and highlighting the people who are taking action to positively transform the lives of others. Education, human rights, health... here it's all mission possible!