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Imagine blitzing across the Peruvian Andes, hustling through Ecuadorian deserts and Colombian plains, cruising through Venezuela’s Caribbean coastline and plunging into the depths of the Guyanese Amazonian jungle in just under 3 weeks, and 8,000 km. That’s The Inca Rally. Combine this with the fundraising inherent in the participation fee, for nonprofits such as EveryChild, Incawasi and Survival, and optional volunteer service projects along the way... that's adventure with a purpose.

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COLOMBIA: Tears of Gold

The ancient Mhuysqa civilization once flourished in the fertile highlands of the Colombian Andes. Today, after suffering through centuries of conquest and destruction, the Mhuysqua community is working to reclaim damaged farmland and to establish nature preserves to protect the ancestral lands. And after a long period of language dormancy, Mhuysqua children are once again learning to speak the native language of their ancestors. Follow a team of volunteer filmmakers as they travel to Sesquilé, Colombia, to document the amazing story of the Mhuysqua community's effort to reclaim a forgotten indigenous culture and provide a better future for their children.