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NICARAGUA: Surfing for Change Travel Guide

The mission of Surfing for Change is to spread awareness that tourism, and surf travel, can bring dollars and along with it a lot of destruction to surf destinations in the developing world. Their vision is that there is a better way. Here, watch Nicaragua's Wave of Optimism (WOO) implementing a new model for surf tourism, and Courney Hull, social entrepreneur, building the world's first plastic-free hotel.

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GLOBAL: Mission Possible

“In every crisis lives a seed of beauty and the possibility for something better,” say the founders of The Conscious Action Network (CAN). Join social justice activist Michael Kastenbaum as he travels with CAN from Zimbabwe, to Israel, to India, to Haiti exploring projects creating change and highlighting the people who are taking action to positively transform the lives of others. Education, human rights, health... here it's all mission possible!


NICARAGUA: Living in the Largest Landfill in Latin America

Two thousand residents live in the waste disposal site of La Chureca, in Managua, Nicaragua. They live amidst every kind of garbage imaginable in what might be called a hell on earth. Fifty percent of the population is under 18, and girls are at highest risk of being forced to prostitute themselves to survive and support their families. This week SEVENLY in connection with Forward Edge launches a campaign to rescue girls from La Chureca and provide food, shelter, education and steps to a purposeful future.

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HONDURAS: Volunteering with Children

In Honduras, 50% of the population lives below the poverty line and many impoverished families cannot send their children to school. What if you could help make a difference? In this beautiful video Students Helping Honduras (SHH)—an organization that provides 8-day volunteer opportunities—shows us the joys, rewards, and challenges of volunteering in Honduras.


CUBA: Journey Through an Island

Cruise through the streets of Cuba in this rare look inside the Communist island nation where Cubans—descended from the aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney peoples, Spanish colonists, and African slaves—celebrate a rich and diverse culture. But though the country boasts a literacy rate of 99% and provides universal healthcare, the government has been widely criticized for human rights abuses—particularly against political prisoners—and atrocious prison conditions.