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CANADA: Discovering Vancouver

Vancouver is an expanding hub for global culture, business, and art. Ryan Emond takes us on a perspective-changing adventure from the city's skyscrapers to its sports stadiums.

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Resting due east of the Alaskan border, the Canadian Yukon territory acts as an escape for many from city life. This is exactly the case for Dan Barham, a Vancover-based photographer and filmmaker. In order to distance himself from the "rain and grey of Vancover", Barham escaped to the wilds of Yukon. Fortunately, he brought his camera along for the journey.

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CANADA / DUBAI: The Making of Rise with The Narcycist - Episode 3

The third and final installment of a behind-the-scenes look into the making the short film 'Rise,' starring Iraqi / Canadian emcee The Narcycist depicts the evolution of the city of Dubai through the life of his character - a buisiness man struggling to find his true identity. Keep an eye out for a new album release coming from Narcy this week - 'We Are The Medium.'

Watch Episode 1 HERE and Episode 2 HERE

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CANADA/DUBAI: The Making of ‘Rise’ with The Narcicyst: Episode 2

As an extension of Ray-Bans ongoing ‘Envision Series,’ depicting those people who have found their purpose in life and stayed true to their vision, Iraqi/Canadian emcee The Narcycist is back with the second of a three episode behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming short music film ‘Rise.’ This particular episode delves further into Narcy’s character as a troubled businessman and the struggle with his own identity of traditional bedouin roots, juxtaposed with those of the present-day corporate culture.

In case you missed it, catch up by watching the premier episode here

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CANADA/DUBAI: The Making of ‘Rise’ with The Narcicyst: Episode 1

Dubai-born, Canadian-raised with Iraqi origin, rapper, journalist, educator and media producer The Narcicyst truly embodies what it means to be an independent artist working within the Arab diaspora. His newest project, a short music film ‘Rise,’ is his biggest to date. To put it in his own words, “sometimes chasing your dreams can turn out to be a nightmare. And sometimes, nightmares can be inspiration for a dream project. That’s where I’m at right now.” 

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