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In September 2013, former MISSION NGO of the Week Turning Tables brought activist rappers and street artists from Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia to be a part of the IMAGES Festival in Denmark. The aim was to exhibit how youth in conflict prone countries around the world use music and art to push back oppression. This video was shot during 8 hectic days where the artists performed three massive concerts, painted 3 grand murals, participated in debates and artist talks in Copenhagen and Aarhus. The making of the video was a collaboration between young Danish and Tunisian filmmakers.

Learn more about Turning Tables' work around the world here and read an interview with their Founder, Martin Jakobson here.

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CAMBODIA: Say No to Orphanage Tourism

We all start with the best intentions, and want to make a positive difference in the world when we travel. But when orphanages become volunteer tourism destinations, they create incentives to direct children with living parents away from their homes, 3 out of 4 Cambodian "orphans" have a living parent. Studies show family-based care is a far better solution for these kids. 



Filmmaker Vincent Urban and two friends traveled through Southeast Asia for two months. They shipped a Land Rover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then drove up through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And captured every great moment of their journey with little DSLRs. These are highlights.


CAMBODIA: The Road to Traffik

Two million women and girls will be sold into sex slavery around the globe in the next 12 months. It is the 3rd largest organized crime business in the world. At least 1 in 40 girls in Cambodia will be sold into sex slavery. Somaly Man is a former Cambodian sex slave, now dedicated to raising awareness around this issue. The Somaly Man Foundation has rescued 4,500 girls and continues their efforts on a global level and this is their story.

Learn more at Somaly Mam Foundation

GLOBAL: What's Wrong with Volunteer Travel


Listen to Daniela Papi in her TEDx talk, she spent six years living in Cambodia and founded her own travel organization, PEPY TOURS, originally "voluntourism" and now shifted to learning travel. She brings to light the flaws in the efforts to do good on the international front, such as in Cambodia where the popularity of orphanage volunteering has led to the phenomenon that 3 out of 4 Cambodian "orphans" have 1 or more live parents. Here's her story.