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AUSTRALIA: Baykeepers

As knowledge continues spread in regard to our ever-changing climate on Earth, many harsh realities are beginning to come to the forefront. This includes the inordinate amount of plastic waste in every ocean; acting as a major contributor to the death of marine life, and the pollution of our beaches across the globe. After learning about this, Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake has found that the sands of his local beaches are turning into a micro-plastic confetti. In his journey to measure how far the age of plastics has invaded the bay, Neil discovers a growing community striving to protect Port Phillip's health for generations to come.

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AUSTRALIA: The Road to Transformation

The Hot Potato - The Road to Transformation - created by Republic of Everyone, directed by Tim Gibbs and produced by Heckler - is a deeply moving and ambitious documentary. Following the journey of a hot potato food van as it travels around Australia on the eve of the 2013 federal election, on an education and awareness campaign about asylum seekers and refugees; an issue that has been plaguing Australian politics for years.


AUSTRALIA: New Year in Melbourne

Have you been to Melbourne, Australia? Take a visit with videographer Chris Arnold, and experience final moments from a perfect year, in Australian summer.

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Award winning Australian short film featuring robust and dynamic cast of two indigenous Australian non-actors based on Kafka's short story Two Men Running. Directed by Dominic Allen, and filmed in the Kimberly Town of Fitroy Crossing. Take a short existential visit down under.