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PAKISTAN: Without Shepherds

Six bold people navigate the dangerous waters of Pakistan’s current crisis to discover a new tomorrow: a cricket star starts a progressive political party, a female journalist goes behind Taliban lines, an ex-mujahid seeks redemption, a trucker crosses dangerous territory to feed his family, a supermodel pushes feminism through fashion, and a subversive Sufi rocker uses music to heal. 

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MALAYSIA: Sea Gypsies and Tourism

Tourism is not always a good answer for people in the developing world. Listen to the story of these sea gypsies living in Malaysia.



Filmmaker Vincent Urban and two friends traveled through Southeast Asia for two months. They shipped a Land Rover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then drove up through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And captured every great moment of their journey with little DSLRs. These are highlights.


NEPAL: A Volunteer Experience

Volunteer and videographer Brandon Johnston created this video of his experience working with orphans in Nepal. But the topic of orphanage volunteering is far from a clear one, as information mounts on how often good intentions might actually be detrimental to children. What do you think?

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SRI LANKA: Declination

Go on a surf trip to Sri Lanka with Slovenian Andro Kajzer. In addition to the waves, you will find wandering cattle, wild monkeys, tea farmers, and local people fascinating and inviting.