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AFRICA: Bringing Light to Millions

Throughout Africa, hundreds of millions live without access to electricity. For light, many use toxic and expensive kerosene lamps; simultaneously harming the environment while keeping families within the grips of poverty. SolarAid is aiming to disrupt this market by providing those in need with cheaper and safer solar lights. With more than one million lights sold ($10 donation per lamp), that change is becoming tangible.

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MOROCCO: In Morocco

With its mysterious allure, vibrant culture and stupidly beautiful landscapes, Morocco remains amongst the top places to cure the nomadic travel bug year after year. From sipping fresh mint tea to caravaning across the red desert sand, the country is one that will never leave the curious traveller dumbfounded for places to explore. 'In Morocco', dives head first into everything Morocco has to offer, with more than enough visual proof to punch your ticket as soon as possible.

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ETHIOPIA: Strictly Beza, Combating HIV Through Dance

In a country where more than half of the younger population was born during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Ethiopia is in dire need of information its youth on practicing safe sex. To address this issue, a young dance troupe by the name of Addis Beza are utilizing their talents and passion for music and dance; spreading the message about HIV prevention. During their public performances the 15-20 member crew can be seen handing out informational leaflets, and encouraging their spectators and get tested for HIV so that they can know their status and the proper treatment, if necessary.

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CHANGE HEROES: The trip that changed the way to give

Back in 2009, Taylor Conroy took a trip to Kenya and Uganda in pursuit of a vacation and means of getting himself involved. Little did he know that this decision would cause for him to start a movement; Change Heroes -a friend-funding platform which gives anyone the tools they need to raise $10,000 and build a school, library, or water well anywhere in the developing world. In this video, Taylor talks about that initial, innocent trip, which caused his life, and the lives of thousands of others, to change for the better, forever.

For more on Change Heroes, read our interview with Taylor Conroy.

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The political transition is a significant turning point in Somalia's history and presents an opportunity for real positive change in the war-torn nation. Produced by the guerilla filmmaking collective What Took You So Long?, this video presents the voices of hope of Somalis living and working in Mogadishu, from the Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament, to artists, students and IDPs.