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GLOBAL: Travel Is...

Filmed across 12 countries over 14 months, this short film was shot and edited to discuss about what it means to travel for Intrepid Travel's 25th Anniversary.

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GLOBAL: Bounce


Follow a yellow and blue soccer ball around the world as it bounces through all of your favorite destinations, from coast to coast, from country to country, from familiar to completely undiscovered.
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USA: Road Trip

A vivid exploration of American culture, this video shows different parts of the country from the perspective of a road trip. While it starts in New York City, it is hardly limited to urban environments and looks at many different parts of the country.


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UK: Shift Below the Line

Can you live off just £1 a day? For millions of people around the world, this is a reality. These people lived on £1 per day for five days and shifted below the poverty line to stand with those who live like that every day and raise money to support life-changing projects.

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GLOBAL: Why You Should Travel Solo

Solo travel is intimidating but one of Alex Berger's favorite ways to travel. In this 5 minute Ignite talk, Alex discusses why people should embrace solo travel and shares a few stories from his trips which really drive home the benefits of solo backpack/hostel travel.

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