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LIBERIA: More Than Me

The More Than Me Academy is on a mission to make sure education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, define the lives of the most vulnerable girls from the West Point Slum of Liberia. When she graduates, she will decide what comes next for her life.

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NYC: Jerri Chou Talks Innovation

Jerri Chou talks social innovation and her vision of what the 2012 World's Fair may look like - she reminds us that, now more than ever, innovators are responsible for the state of our collective future.

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RWANDA: A Spoken Poem

Jono Moehlig went on a trip to Rwanda and found that they are some of the most amazing people he has ever met. Watching wartorn killers that have being released and loved by the neighbors they once destroyed, he learned what peace really is.

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RWANDA: Kula Project

The majority of farmers in developing nations like Rwanda are unable to generate enough income to feed and sustain their families. This is due to the lack of basic needs for success. The Kula Project invests in small-scale farmers in Rwanda to create sustainable communities.

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GLOBAL: Travel Is...

Filmed across 12 countries over 14 months, this short film was shot and edited to discuss about what it means to travel for Intrepid Travel's 25th Anniversary.

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