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USA: The Bonnaroo Experience

Produced by the creative storytelling platform Already Alive, this film is an intimate lens into the incredible community bounded by music, elevated connection, and limitless possibility. Through a montage of Bonnaroo’s many voices and images, the piece sheds light on the festival’s many promises: the promise of experimentation, self-discovery, and love. It begs the question of what the world would look like if we lived our daily lives in this way.

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TUNISIA: A Common Enemy

Over the course of a year, A Common Enemy follows the birth, evolution and struggle of the newly established democrazy in Tunisia. Paired with reflections on the entire Arab Spring movement, the documentary not only explores the uprising in Tunisia, but the concept and future of contemporary democracy as we know it today.

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NEW YORK CITY: Fearless - An Open Mic

Founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter Nisha, Fearless is an all art form forum for emerging and experienced performing artists. An exercise in bravery and transformation, Fearless serves as a litmus test for artists looking to push their boundaries in front of a present and supportive audience.


MOROCCO: In Morocco

With its mysterious allure, vibrant culture and stupidly beautiful landscapes, Morocco remains amongst the top places to cure the nomadic travel bug year after year. From sipping fresh mint tea to caravaning across the red desert sand, the country is one that will never leave the curious traveller dumbfounded for places to explore. 'In Morocco', dives head first into everything Morocco has to offer, with more than enough visual proof to punch your ticket as soon as possible.

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Resting due east of the Alaskan border, the Canadian Yukon territory acts as an escape for many from city life. This is exactly the case for Dan Barham, a Vancover-based photographer and filmmaker. In order to distance himself from the "rain and grey of Vancover", Barham escaped to the wilds of Yukon. Fortunately, he brought his camera along for the journey.

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